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Publish Date: 27 February 2008 - 07:51
Degree : Educational Management
Supervisor : Mr. Zolfaghari

Family and parents are of the most important and effective factors on the process of formation of the social behavior of the young children. With regard to the presence or lack of fathers at the time of youth of the children at their youth, the present research is aimed at investigating and comparing the rate of compatibility of those who have lost their fathers with those who have step _ fathers. The community of research for this purpose is all the female shahed secondary students in regions 3 and 6 of the Ministry of Education’s Office in Tehran. The means of research is questionnaire that has been conducted on 100 persons (50 of them have lost their fathers and the rest had step _ fathers). After the hypotheses, using the X² test and Pearson’s coefficient, the following results were achieved:
The rate of compatibility among shahed students who have lost their fathers is more than that of the shahed students who have step _ fathers. The researcher has found meaningful relation between the following elements and compatibility although the relation ship between some of them is so weak:
1.The volume of the family
2.Occupation of mother
3.Literacy level of mothers
4.Age of the child at the time of her mother’s marriage
5.Age of the child at the time of her father’s death
6.Kind of ownership of the place they live in
7.The rate of the income of the family
8.The rate of the participation of the members of the family in assemblies and family gatherings
9.Number of friends
10.Number of collective activities
11.Educational success.
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