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Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:44
Degree : Psychology
Supervisor : Fatima Gerami

The purpose of the present research is to survey the point of view of the elite about effective elements on the success of the shahed families with regard to the fact that they are bereft of their fathers. The research methodology is statistical and the research community includes successful shahed families of Kerman. 50 families were investigated as sample. The means of the research are observation, direct interviews and questionnaire. The results of the research showed that:
1.There is relationship between variables of leader of the family, job of theleader, amount of income, remarriage of mother, number of the family members and success of the families.
2.There is relation between the degree of success and the number of the students who are accepted to the universities.

Also % 80 of the successful families believes that they had a paradigm in the family to gain success and % 54 of them have mentioned their mothers as their paradigm of success due to her patience, kindness, generosity and efforts and % 86 considered their grand sisters and % 10 mentioned their brothers.
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