News ID: 80662
Publish Date: 24 November 2007 - 05:51
Mozaffar Cheshme Sohrabi
The wills and advices of the martyrs remained after the Islamic Republic of Iran Martyrs, which are unique in their own kind contain invaluable information. One of the important issues that should be taken into account is the issue of their accessibility and their publication in great volume and having access to such a great quantity of information and documents is not possible except when they are interpreted. Interpretation is an approach to determine and describe the content of the documents in the framework of appropriate and key terms base on subject category in a way that the key terms explain the contents and the subjects of the documents. In this approach the concepts are extracted from these documents and are represented in written words. With regard to the importance of these advices and their special characteristics such as the excess of the subjects (discussed in these wills), uniqueness of these documents in their kind and since no method has been used in rendering these documents, interpreting and determining of the concepts along with the requirements is the best way to propagate and to have access to the contents of such documents. The aim of this project is extracting basic concepts from these advices and wills and expressing them in the framework of statements in order have access to the relative advices and appropriate advices and making it easy to have access to them through interpretation and providing better to recreate them so that deeper research are conducted on them. And helping researchers and those who refer to them find the information they need.
This project has been made read in six chapters that are as follow:
The First Part is a report on the beginning and end of the task of interpreting.
The second parties the definition of the key terms that are listed alphabetically.
The third part is the list of the subjects that re gain listed alphabetically.
The fourth part is dedicated to exemplifying the way of interpretation and how to make use of it by considering a special term.
The fifth part is going to discus 18 wills that have been chosen to be interpreted.
The sixth chapter includes the name of those dear martyrs whose wills have been interpreted.
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