News ID: 6944
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:12
Mohammad Mahdi Pasandideh
The martyrs treasury is away of expanding martyrs culture in society
In this order is determined its scientific evaluation which be successfully.
The results show that:
1.Between theatrical view of two tested students (visitors) and witness (who did not visit) this shows that. There is no existence of meaningful different among them.
2.Among economic views of student which visited from martyrs treasury and who did not visit exists meaningful different.
3.Between article view of students which have visited from martyrs treasury and who did not visit that exist meaningful different. And also girls views in comparison with boys positive meaningful.
4.Base an statistic view of students the test group and witness group there is not exist meaningful different.
5.The statistic results. Indicate that the students which visited martyrs treasury in comparison with student have positive view.
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