News ID: 6942
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 14:46
Mozafar Cheshmeh Sohrabi
Testimony is a work which remained from martyrs of Islamic revolution, which is masterpiece and includes valuable information:
Is process of determining and description of document as keywords and related concepts? In this process the concept are derived references and with regarding to structure of testimonies these Elements are described accurately.
This research is comprised in sections as follows:
Section 1: brief report since starting to end of testimony symbolization.
Section 2: list of accepted keywords alphabetically
Section 3: all contents have been coordinated alphabetically
Section 4: examples of exploitation with considering a special keyword.
Section 5: allocation to 18 samples of symbolized testimonies.
Section 6: include name of respected martyrs which their testimonies have been symbolized.
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