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Publish Date: 09 August 2006 - 14:20
Mohammad Bagher Tavakoli
In the Islamic Iran, after the end of impulsive eight-year and according to the development programs of government and system, some changes and movements in the economical, cultural and political situation of society have been created, that as a result, the values of society have been changed and in this process the valuable tendencies of young people and teenagers and the valuable system of them have been effected by these changes. So in this case the SHAHED’s children that are the values of culture, are set in the way of these changes. And by the investment of government and system in the religious cultural steps for SHAHED’s children and replacing some values which are considered, this question can be stated that how is the valuable tendencies of them? Is there any difference between the valuable tendencies and valuable system of SHAHED’s university students so that are called the educated generation with the non-SHAHED’s university students? And which factors have relation with these valuable tendencies?
The research method is descriptive. The statistical population includes all the SHAHED’s university students and non-SHAHED’s students of Universities of Kurdistan province, and by the level method and randomly way the number of 295 female students and 300 male students were chosen for the sample. The statistical methods that were used include some analysis.
The results indicate that: the valuable priorities of female Shahed university students are as bellow:
A.Economical political values
B.Religious values
C.Social safety values
In comparison with non-Shahed University students there are some clear differences that show the priority and importance of religious values of female Shahed university students can be feel. The male Shahed university students have devoted the first priorities to the social safety values, second priory to the economical political and the third values is devoted to the religious values.
So that it can be said that the average of values for Shahed university students is the economical and political values, social safety, religious values that are mentioned respectively: the economical values, social safety values and religious values are what they mentioned. And also it should be said that the kind of tendency for university students for Shahed and non-Shahed students there is no an important relation in the section of place of residency, gender, economical situation, educational field and educational level of them.
There is an important relation between the value tendencies of Shahed university students and place and educational level of them.
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