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Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 10:49
That day when he arrived home, he let us know all about his decision. He said: I want to sell the caw. Before he does any thing, at first he talked about it and got our permission. But he did all his charities covertly and this time again I didn’t ask him about the details. I thought he is helping some one else. Of course he did his best to help to solve the problems of the people. All knew his as this. That day when he got our permission, he sold the caw. When he got back home, he was so happy. Thank God they bought it for high price. Some days later, when he got back home at midnight, one could easily get that how delighted he was. And I told him: you were late, I was worried. And he said: I couldn’t come sooner. As I poured some tea for him I added: Muhammad, you are very delighted tonight, and he said: why not? And I said: what has happened? And he said: should it actually happen something to be happy? And then he came to me to get the glass of tea. And I said: surely it should have a reason. And I let him to add, and when he noticed that I was waiting to hear about it wanted to end the talking. And I said: ok then you don’t want to talk about it. Then I won’t talk more. And I stopped talking. And he didn’t want to offend me. And he has mentioned this point several times before. Now he didn’t want to offend me and didn’t want to disclose anything. And he said: well, I was at the wedding. I winced and repeated: wedding without us…? Whose wedding…? And he said: one of my friends… it was an individual invitation. He said the last one not to offend me. Well, I just tell you not any other one… Do you want to know what happened? I sold the caw to pay for the costs of a wedding; to night… my friend had no enough money on his hand… and I reposed. He laughed and said: did you relax? And I said: really, so much. And I laughed too. And I won’t forget that night for ever.
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