News ID: 6219
Publish Date: 02 August 2006 - 10:47
When the recreant forces attacked, at first my husband was wounded, the neighbors took him to the hospital, and he knew nothing about his three sons being captured. Since he was badly wounded they took him to Tehran after some time when one of the friends went to visit him there and said that today is the fortieth day of your sons’ martyrdom he couldn’t bear the news and it shook him to fell down and to be unconscious on the bed of the hospital and gradually he got worse and worse, until one day my daughter went to see him and told him: my dear father be patient, your sons are not greater than Ali’s(PBUH), we are not higher than the family of the Holly prophet, have you forgotten that, How was the holly Imam Hossein the darling of the prophet, Ali and Fatemeh Zahra martyred in Karbala field. You should be proud of having such sons who are sacrificing themselves for Islam. My husband later said: those worded cooled me down magically.
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