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Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 07:00
Inside barracks before dawn days, they provided beyond theater designs. For entertainment, programs and sweets with basic ingredients and very simple materials (flour of baked bread's dough, oil, milk, sugar, etc) we prepared to be ready for dawn days. Inside bathrooms, we practiced songs also theater practicing were performed in the bathroom that frequently we were encountered with Iraqi's bothering. Dawn ten nights we served unity supper with sweet and gathered desserts. Before Dawn days to Dawn days that was a small amount was eaten with joy and … in one of the Dawn days innovative prisoners played a comedy football that caused a lot of laughing and increased the spirit lifting. That even Iraqis that prevented programs came and watched the game. In the ray of watching this game, other prisoners dealt with other ceremonies and Iraqis did not pay attention to programs inside barracks.
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