News ID: 6109
Publish Date: 01 August 2006 - 09:08
We were going from Garmsar to Tehran. Sheikh Hadi was along with us too. He advised him very much that he should study, there is a need for doctors in our country, and you should study.
In reply to sheikh Hadi, he said: “why are you going to the front?" then he pretended to be asleep, he didn’t open his eyes till we got home.
When we got home, I said: “What do you like me to cook for you?”?
He answered: “cook GHEIMEH POLO. I haven’t eaten this for along time.”?
I cooked the food. He ate and thanked me. It was about 2 p.m., he said that he wanted to go.
His father said: “I give you some money to buy a radio, when you return.”?
He took the money and left. His father tended to see him off, but he didn’t let him. He said: “if you rise, I won’t go.”?
His father sat, but saw him off and passed him under the Koran. While he was going, he turned his face and looked back.
When I returned, I recognized his father was weeping.
I said to him:”? What is the mater with you.”?
-“Reza won’t return this time.
-“What are these things you are saying? What nonsense?”?
-“Didn’t you realize how his behavior has differed, he won’t return anymore.”?
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