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Publish Date: 06 April 2020 - 00:56

Message on the Veterans’ Day: I like martyrdom

A Text Written by the injured martyr Patient, Hamid Reza Madani Ghamsari:

The God is as kind as he has tested me in different stages of life.

A Chemically injured patient is the lieutenant of Imam of time.

A chemically injured patient has performed and obeyed the demands of God.

I knew that I have to face with many difficulties in this world so that I become able to be the deputy of Imam of time.

I just want you to know that I will never let my leader’s activities to be ignored. In fact the flag of Islam has been raised by the Imam of time.

At this time I must have much patience for the activities that I have done during the Imposed War Era. I have done these activities for God and my country. Western countries supported the Baathist regime during the Imposed War Era and this country (Iraq) had access to chemical and biological weapons. Saddam Hussein demanded the usage of chemical weapons against the innocent people of Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. In this materialistic world we must know why we have been born, why we are living in this world and what destination we will go to. We must always remember the martyrs of Islam. They have always recommended that Prayers to be performed on time. The martyrs of Islam said that reading and reciting Quran is so good and this matter should never be forgotten.

Any person who serves for a chemically injured patient will receive many blesses by God. In fact serving to the chemically injured patient brings blesses of heaven for that person and those persons who disrespect to the chemically injured patient will be sent to hell.

I like martyrdom and I hope to be martyred for God. I respect the martyrs of Islam specially those who have been martyred by chemical weapons.

God Willing

Hamid Reza Madani Ghamsari

Source: Cultural Case of Martyr- Neighborhood 1, Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs

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