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‘A Man Who Was Left in the Mountains’

The youngest war veteran that was dispatched to the war by me!

‘A Man Who Was Left in the Mountains’

By the report of Navideshahed ( IRAN ) : He would be considered as one of the bandits in Sugar Factory Neighborhood of Varamin city. He was not a good person. All the persons knew that he was a knife killer and that he would use narcotics and drugs along with alcoholic drinks. Anyways he was one of the hooligans of the neighborhood. But he had faked his ID card in order to go to the war!

According to Epic and Resistance Group of Fars News Agency, the Sacred Defense Era in addition to its materialistic and intellectual losses, was a great point of changes for many of the persons; in a way that those humans who were not apparently good persons in the society, they passed the way of 100 years at one night and they reached a position which was an ambition for the mystics and seekers of God.

Mohammad Jafari Manesh is a devotee of the Sacred Defense Era who was born in 1961 in 100 meters street close to the old house of Imam Khomeini in Koocheh Bagh neighborhood of Qom city. He moved to Varamin in 1967 along with his family. Later when the Imposed War Era was started, he joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and he became an authority to dispatch the war veterans to the war. The book ‘A Man Who Was Left in the Mountains’ is a collection of the memories of this live martyr. The following narration is a review regarding one of the pure memories which has been stated in the book.


I don’t remember the youngest man that I dispatched, but as long as I can remember, he was a person who had faked his ID Card. He had changed his ID card from 14 years old to 15 years old. As long as I saw his ID card, I noticed the issue. I told them that we can not dispatch him, he was chocked with tears and he started crying so badly. He belonged to one of the villages of Varamin city. He swore to God that he will bring his mother and father there too. I’m 15 years old; they have prepared the ID card for me so late.

Anyways I said: "You should go and take the replica ID card, but you are not entitled to fake your ID card and after that I will accept it.” I taught him what he needed to do. As long as he went to prepare his replica ID card took two weeks. After that he came there with a smile on his lips so cheerfully. He handed over the copy of his ID card. After that he filled the form and he got prepared to go to the war. While he was only 14 years old, of course he did not seem to be 14 years old, because his body seemed to be younger too.

Anyways he would be considered as one of the bandits in Sugar Factory Neighborhood of Varamin city. He was not a good person. All the persons knew that he was a knife killer and that he would use narcotics and drugs along with alcoholic drinks. Anyways he was one of the hooligans of the neighborhood. But he had faked his ID card in order to go to the war!

Someday my colleague Mohammad Jalali came there and he said that someone wants to go to the war by this name. I said how is this man? He said: "To be honest with you, he is not a good guy”. If you ask about his situation from anyone who works in Sugar factory, they will inform you about the reality. I said: "So give it up. You can go to him and tell him that we don’t send him to the war. It is better to say nothing to him. You should not follow up the issue at all. We can not send such a person to the war.”

After a while he sent Jamali as a mediator. I asked him to come there. We talked with each other after the administrative time in front of the office. I give this message to him and I thought with myself that for sure he will come there and behave like strong men and some quarrels might occur; because he had a giant body. Even in order to get sure about the security, I took a pistol with myself in order to use it if he threatened me or something like that.

It was 4 o’clock in the evening and he came in front of the Basij center. With that giant body, he had put down his head and he was bowing me. I did not believe that. He talked with a very innocently way. In a way that I thought he was not the one who was supposed to talk with me (the one who had been addressed by Mr. Jamali). He was feeling shy and he had worn a simple shirt. But from the signs that Mr. Jamali had given to me, I noticed that he should be that person. We talked with each other for about a quarter. At the end I said: "According to the responsibility that I have, I can not dispatch you.” He said: "I have already been dispatched by the army several times. But this time I would like to go to the war by the Basij.” I said: "Basij is different from Army. Our dispatch has some special regulations. I can not send anyone through this center.” (Still each time that I remember what I expressed to the guy at that time I get sad)

He got disappointed and he said: "Ok, no problem, we have a God. Eventually everything will be right.” He would go there and back several times without any arguments. From the time that he had decided to go to the war, no report about his bad activities had been given to me.”

Once again Jamali took his message to me once again and he had said ask Jafari Manesh to dispatch him.

I asked Jamali to ask him to come here himself. When I got out from there, I observed that he had leaned to the Basij rifle pit and he had worn pants of Basijis.

I had heard that he would do ancient practices. His body was so strong and muscled. I told myself where this man can have bought the pants from? He came there and he greeted and he said: "You can go to the neighborhood and ask about me, I’m not a human like before anymore. You are a creature of God and I’m a creature of God too. I have promised my God not to be like before. I must go to the war.”

He was six or seven years older than me. I said, I can not dispatch you right now. I must think about this issue in order to check whether I can send you at this situation or not? After that when I was alone I thought about the words of martyr Mohallati that had said: "The who does the selection must know that some persons must be accepted by God’s selection and therefore these persons must not be rejected in the selection of Basij and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.” Once again I asked him to come there. I needed to get sure about what I wanted to do and after that let him to go to the war.

I said: "You must take part in all the public prayers. Also during the nights you should come to the Basij center of Sugar Factory neighborhood and announce your presence and then go home”. He accepted and he would come there every night and he would announce his presence. We would drink a tea together and then he would go home. Three weeks passed and once again he had asked Jamali to convey a message that he wants to go to the war. I dispatched him to the war and I wrote in his case ‘Conditional’.

After a few weeks that no one rang, I got comfort. A few days had passed from the September 22, 1981. I heard his name in the speaker. I could not believe that. The speaker of the mosque was announcing the names of the martyrs and missing war veterans. It seemed that I was connected to an electrical shock. I said myself: "Oh My God, Oh My God! Those who claim that they are the real worshippers of God do not get martyred like this so easily, but he went to the war and he got martyred so immediately!”

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