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Role of spiritual factors in self-sacrificing women’s security

First, we mention a number of spiritual factors, and then explain some of them. 1. Piety and refuse to sin 2. Secrecy 3. Sincerity 4. Modesty 5. Rely upon god 6.god remembrance 7. Self-esteem 8. Generosity 9. Good manners
First, we mention a number of spiritual factors, and then explain some of them.
1. Piety and refuse to sin 2. Secrecy 3. Sincerity 4. Modesty
5. Rely upon god 6.god remembrance 7. Self-esteem
8. Generosity 9. Good manners

1. Piety: refuse to forbidden deeds and to observe the rules and commands of god, is from the most valuable qualities that grants human the nobility and greatness, and endears him to great god. Therefore, values of people depend on amount of their piety.
2. Secrecy: keep secret to oneself and secrecy is from precious qualities that increases the value of humanity. And has a precious result.
Imam Musa Kazem said:
In the resurrection, three people will be in the throne of god’s shadow that is alone shadow in that day: one who prepares the preliminaries of his Muslim brother’s marriage, serves him, or keeps his secret to himself.
3. Sincerity: in Islamic ideology, any attempt and activities of a Muslim and believer should be based on the axis of monotheism, and his deeds should be in the direction and way of god. Therefore, sincerity is considered as deed’s soul. As there isn’t any motion, rocking and development in a soulless body, and it is rotten and goes toward destruction, a knowledge that is devoid of sincerity and god like direction, will destruct, too.
Because of that, the sincere leader, Imam Ali said:
All the deeds are like dust (null, vain, useless) except a deed that is alone with sincerity.
4. Modesty: when god commands his messenger to be modest and spread the wings of modesty for believers, he mentions of high value and rank of modesty.
To serve god with disobedience, pride, self-confessed and boast for believers is no good. Because the soul of praying and serving to god have been mixed with modesty to god friends and believers. Hence, Ali (peace is upon him) says: be modest and humble, because it is the greatest worship and serve to god.
-role of spiritual factors
-in that corner, in a house of love and sacrificing, a green prayer rug is shining above the blue sky of carpet. An angle is falling prostrate in front of god; singing praise to god, he is whispering the name of god and reaching his hand of need to the elevated god, asking his help (we worship you alone and pray your help only). She is a woman with all womanly sentiments and gentleness. She is a young with all wishes and desires of all youths. However, she was so zealous, that entitled heroine in the world stage. She was so contrary to the youth that she selected a difficult way beside divine and high wishes for her life. Her dreams’ man wasn’t a prince who rode a white horse, and came from beyond the mountains and plain.
And he: he was a brave presented his organs in the way of a green love. He has closed his eyes in order to not see anything after observation beautiful images, splendor of love, and self-abnegation. He has sensed with his hands the branches of paradisiacal tree, Tuba, and therefore material things are not compatible to him. He is a person who has stood by the side of Kosar fountain with praiseworthy steps; so it is not just to stand a place but high heaven.
Yeah, this brave is the very same man of a non-Iranian woman’s dreams.
This is the very same woman whom Imam said about: a young girl who has lost her two eyes and arms, said that now she could not go to front, she wanted to pay her owe to revolution with this marriage.
Totally, divine schools allocate a holy place and high value for marriage, as with occurrence of great divine revolutions by messengers of justice and revelation schools’ founders who were causers of human civilizations and radical changes in social systems, and basically basis of their invitations were fulfill of social justice and remove any power politics and sovereignty from individual and social life of human, inner relations of family formed on a lawful, holly frame according creation system and human nature. Therefore, family found a primitive identity and radical role in human’s ascension of him to perfection summits in that base of life consisted of radical right and any kind of self-centered and selfishness paled. Flexibility, acceptance and obedience in front of perfect divine law replaced individual desires. Rays of monotheism and light of belief and guidance illuminated all dimensions of life, and colors paled in front of light of the love of god. In the protection of lightening the law, it became reality, those who grown up in such homes have ever special plays in all creation.
In these homes, the parallelism of nature and religion achieve the highest degree of dignity, and make astonishment in wisdom and thought arenas, make common sense submit, remove curtains and veils of enmity and darkness. Angle and heaven together enjoy happily of god’s cloth of generous it because of all these sincerity with truth, harmony and accomplishment angles sing good tidings song, and spread their wings making bow in their presence. As, Quran portrayed a clear picture of these descriptions about Ebrahim’s home. Yeah, heralds of religion land and basically followers of truth have allocated the main portion of their invitation to prosperity and growth of human in home and family, and they considered the growth of values and its crystallization as peculiarities of this foundation. Therefore, under the protection of two main bases of morality and law, they have attempted to strengthen and give independence, and because training education, growth, prosperity and development in this foundation, they have attempted ever too form the human principles, light values and generosity of Lord in this foundation, and confirm the base of bliss, greatness and liberty of mankind by educators of this circle and principle of purity and cleanliness that is a main base in all creation, was fulfilled in human system in order to present a valuable result to human societies.
Principally, such a divine and religious viewpoint and perception to person, family and society resulted revolution of human values. Any more the value of human wasn’t his adorned and beautiful appearance, but his value was in his human perfection that he could achieve it, and its assessment was no the base of quantity of his wisdom and knowledge. In the field of competition of followers, people have forested each other and joined the line of god’s friends.
In the leaves of the history of our revolution, the events of holy defense shine, and they have become the place of manifestation of human aspirations and values during the human periods. Holy defense is not only an old happening in diary of Iran’s history, but it is a happening that has subjected all existential dimensions of our Islamic society, and it has astonished not only Iran, but also all the world and people.
Holy defense is found the best leader and guide that caused to develop the spiritual values in society; a defense that caused to awaken of thoughts and act of bodies. It invited women and men whether old, young or child to examination and attempt, and this great examination was gloriously and successfully. 8 years old holy defense of Islamic Iran showed that our women, as good as men, have attended in every moments of bloody and glorious war that is a part of history of revolution and Iran. The leaves of war history are golden documents of participation of Islamic region’s heroines who have had great effect on both war and social arenas.
This point is observable that, after Islamic revolution, negative perception of society toward women has changed, and the wave of new thoughts and reflections manifest under protection of religious and spiritual values, and real value of woman cleared. Anymore, woman didn’t count herself a member for propaganda and commerce, and her beauty was not criterion for her value. Therefore, her movement, act, bravery and selflessness made her a powerful and active creature with high human motivations, under the protection of belief and piety.
During holy defense women have revived identity and personality of Muslim woman and manifested of Iranian women wonderful power that was achieved under protection of powerful belief, and all worlds were amazed that these spiritual values and power of belief, enthusiasm and love that made Iranian women attend in difficult examination and great happening.
History of war evidences the bravery and stability of zealous women in the most unpleasant and difficult stages of holy defense. In days of myth and self-abnegation, women, beside free men of love way have resisted bravery cruelest and the most disastrous crimes of enemy, and stood onerous difficulties, like a firm mountain.
Yeah, high spirit of self-abnegation and self-denial has penetrated their souls. They have devoted their all in all, and have for born their all properties, and obliged themselves to serve in front and crusade. They have tolerated martyrdom of their husbands and children so patiently, and kissed lovingly wounds of their dears, that green signet of mothers, wives and girls of this region is seen in any leaves of red diary of martyrdom and self-abnegation. During imposed war, our women could conquer their own delicate and elegant feelings, and guide their own instinctive forces and feelings in the true way and channel. To rely upon god, they have motivated and encouraged combatants to battle and crusade, under control of wisdom and logic.
In the stage of battle and crusade, that was the field of sincerity race; although, we cannot claim that women have forestalled men, we can say that they have finished race equal to men.
To follow the leader of world’s free women and the Master of heroines, Zeinab Kobra, whether in battle fields or back of fronts, they have engaged sincerely in aiding and serving. With firm steps, hearts full of belief and heads full of enthusiasm and love of martyrdom, women beside men have gone toward lovers rendezvous. With a deep perception of culture of martyrdom and self-denial, and to confess high place of martyr to god, they could dispatch lovingly and sincerely their dears to martyrdom land, and praise god’s infinite favors in the absence of them. If they have wept, their tears were because of their deprivation from martyrdom and lag behind martyrdom caravan. Whether during war or after that, these heroines of Islamic Iran have created green myths with support of belief and spirituality. According to Imam Khomeini, their role in this defense has been more than men: they have trained brave men in their skirt.
Establishment of security by spiritual factors
These tireless women have tolerated all difficulties of life, and preferred god’s satisfaction to anything. To rely upon god and hope, they have defended values and boundaries of their own Islamic beliefs, in the blockhouse of home.
Iranian pious woman takes hand of his blind husband and becomes his eyes. She always is beside her husband, and attempts to inform her life’s friend from world’s happenings. She always helps him pass stairs of progress, and achieve high degrees. With a special calmness, she supplies her husband’s educational tapes and gives him. To calculate that this holy defense ever are continuing, and this time one should crusade in the culture and knowledge field in order to not loss easily the values achieved hard, she herself attempts for acquiring of learning and achievement scientific degrees and helps her husband, too. Yeah, in such a family circle with this deep religious and scientific perception, view, children can easily step into society stage in a correct way.
Certainly, the accomplished youths who have deep beliefs, are offspring of such families. A mother who is good-tempered and kind, follows precious saying”? women’s crusade is her best deed”?, and shoulders managing of home with feelings mixed with logic and wisdom, she will certainly train a child who have Mohammedan temper, in calm and safe atmosphere of home.
Whenever a mother is praising god, guides her husband’s wheelchair with her child, hand in hand, and she teaches her child accompanying and fellowship in this way; no doubt, this child will become a zealous young who will attempt in the way of religion and Islamic region, with firm steps.
Selfless women know that, after years, they themselves and society will take advantage of the result of their attempt that is full of knowledge and belief perfume. She surely confess that her security is obligated to security of her family and society; then she will attempt continually in the way of real gnosis
And spirituality that is the very same love affection and selflessness to her devout husband and aromatic flowers of her love’s garden. She believes that a hand from the invisible world that has presented a bunch of flowers from paradise garden and perfumed everywhere, helps her.
Devout’s home, is full of sweet perfume of paradisiacal flowers. A great says: may a part of body go to paradise, and it is remaining deprive from that? In such a spiritual atmosphere, selfless woman believes that home and its warm circle is merciful god’s presence, their all deeds and acts are observed perfectly by god, and are recorded with exact calculation, and precious deed and intension result in profitable consequences. Quran interprets: a holy land fructifies good and copious product with god will, but brackish grounds results in nothing but worthless and useless things.
As family foundation base on purity of spouses and begetting the children in Islam is firmed on cleanness based on genetic and training, that agency of agent and capability of object effects on this cleanness. Therefore, god says:”? pure women are for pure men, and pure men are for pure women. Observation the principle of equality is from the main principle in selecting spouse and on this base, in all instructions pertaining to family, woman and man, god commands to avoid betrayals and wickedness, and leads them to pure life that is the base of life’s purpose. Yeah, in the protection of such thought, she can achieve tranquility and calmness beside her husband, and improve human nature, and reach reproof of conscience from imperious of conscience and persuasion of conscience, by the means of that.
Anymore, bodily tiredness doesn’t annoy her, and spiritual ills don’t threaten her. If heroines of fields of battle against difficulties haven’t achieved inner tranquility, even if she has healthy and powerful body, she cannot tolerate these heavy responsibilities. However, her sprite’s power that has resulted from spiritual factors, and made her existence full of belief and love to aim that is the very same god’s friendship, can easily come to grips with all difficulties, and consider her life’s value higher than others’ life. To have such a high spirit, she has achieved such self-respect that if no one honors her place, she won’t be disappointed; because she knows that home and its warm atmosphere is the presence of merciful god. Therefore her deeds and acts mixed with sincerity and pure intention, every moment make her nearer to place of god’s friendship. She as good as a real monotheist goes through spiritual places, and continues her way along with god, and she accompanies god at all process of her going, and never looks at immensity without presence of unity, and never the seeing creatures don’t become the veil of god’s presence, on the contrary, she always considers people as signs of god, uses correctly the mirror and looks at beauty of her beloved creator throughout the mirrors of paradise and heaven, and finally she becomes guidance paragon and rests in paradise as good as guide angles. Therefore she is a follower who has achieved tranquility and security in the way of god and reality. Any more, security hasn’t material and worldly sense for her. She has inhabited in the most secure places and is under protection of the most secure bases. Anymore, she is not anxious about today, and future; because of marriage with a dear devotee, she untied all connections and bands from her hands and legs, and along him stepped into a way that is the way of achieving place of divine government, and that way is way of Ali and his faithful accompaniment, Fatimah. That way is perfect human’s way.
A perfect human is a creature that is great sign of god and because of that, he is paragon in world, and a paragon of invisible world. He mixes with spirits and mortals. Ali said:”? no creature manifests god better than me.”? great essence of god says about human: “all these mortals are channels of my generosity. In fact, a work done with their hands, I do myself, however, they are channels of my generosity, agent and successor, and they shoulder my mission; with this difference that I am invisible, and my signs are visible.”?
Also, this is high and great place and rank that its followers are people such as Ali, our devotees too can follow their own leader, rely upon god and step in this way and achieve success.
Therefore, a selfless woman who has such a powerful mental support, can live in an atmosphere full of spirituality with security of mind, and don’t be anxious about her shortages and deficiency to other classes. So; o selfless women, o myths of resistance and self-abnegation, o followers of Fatimah’s school in defense boundaries of Imamate, o accompaniment of Zeinab in patience, o companion and wife of straight Cedar in red plain of lover anemones! You who love pleasantly and kindly, value your own existence; you are a believer gardener in a home full of affection and faith, that blossoms of your life’s tree will blow with your powerful hands, and society is expectant to those brave youths who result of long crusade and attempt, and are honorable and powerful souvenir for hopeful future of Islamic region.
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