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Publish Date: 21 November 2006 - 05:37
There are some very few sources for searching about the activities and functions of martyrs organization and the need for studying and searching about public institutes and organizations and martyrs organization of Islamic revolution is a matter of course. In the abovementioned thesis matters such as legal state of Martyrs organization of Islamic revolution and through consideration of the abovementioned organization and relevant organizations and associations and especially cases such as bylaws of public organizations and associations are considered meanwhile the approved rules and regulations related to this organization and all related obstacles are considered: research method is performed in library. The researcher has compiled this thesis in 5 chapters. The first chapter including the main points: containing definitions, quiddity and history. The second chapter: the bylaws and regulations about unofficial public associations. The third: chapter criticizing and analyzing the regulations of Islamic Republic Martyrs organization and its merits and demerits. The fourth chapter: the approved bylaws and regulations about the function of Islamic Republic Martyrs organization are studied. The fifth chapter: It is studied that where the legal state of martyr's organization is and what are the duties and how are the relevant organizations being managed.
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