On the eve of Hussein Amlaki's Martyrdom;
There was a man beside martyr Amlaki who had not mask when the Bathi forces used chemical weapons, martyr Hussein Amlaki rejected his mask and put it on his face! This is the Hero! He lived like Imam Hussein (AS) and he taught us the lesson of "Issar".
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Martyr Haj Davoud Karimi on the first days of the Imposed War selected as the commander of southern war zones founded some military units along with some of the commanders such as martyr Hasan Bagheri, Mohammad Jahan Ara.
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The memorial ceremony of martyr "Haj Saeid Adibi" will be held in Dizain village in Taleqan
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When the imposed war era started, Asghar was present in the battlefields and at the same time he went to the Rohollah Nehzat University. He accomplished his degrees and eventually he got his acceptance degree from God.
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We shall not let , the memories of great martyrs forget by false grandeurs and effects, holding congress of martyrs are the best way to deal with them, the Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei emphasized.
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In Zardeh, dozens of villagers suffer from the attack's effects, with some paralyzed for life and others afflicted with chronic coughing.
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According to a nursing M.A thesis, full attention could be effective in the recovery of chemical victim s suffering from bronchiolitis obliterans.
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