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The United Nations Showed Green Light to Iraq In order to Commit Genocide against Iranians.
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German media report from the chemical attack of Saddam to Iran;
The crucial Bathi regime had used the chemical weapons on 1980 and killed many people during the chemical bombardment in Sardasht. The people are forgotten and the Saddam's crimes had no consequences for him.
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The Story of Chemical Attack against Halabja based on the narration of 2 war veterans after 23 years:
Among the smoke and explosion, when you would see at any direction you would not see anything except sorrow, helplessness and depravation. A man was walking toward the damaged debris.
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At the first days of Shahrivar ( the lunar date ) the UN approved the chemical attack s of the Bathi regime against Iran according to the statement No 620 in 1988 .
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