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Martyr Haj Davoud Karimi on the first days of the Imposed War selected as the commander of southern war zones founded some military units along with some of the commanders such as martyr Hasan Bagheri, Mohammad Jahan Ara.
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The memorial ceremony of martyr "Haj Saeid Adibi" will be held in Dizain village in Taleqan
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The ceremony of the "Burned Breath";
A chemical veteran told us that: sometimes I am getting too bad that I wished, I suffered from cancer. Suffering from chemical injury is a great disease that the Bathi regime hurt us.
News ID: 385872    Publish Date : 2019/07/20

Subject Bank of Sacrifice and Martyrdom
During the chemical bombardments which were directed against Halabja city in the military operation ‘Valfajr 10’, the people from Halabja were seeking shelters in the mountains and deserts for themselves and their beloved ones.
News ID: 385734    Publish Date : 2019/02/28