On the eve of Ayatollah Taleqani's Martyrdom
Ayatollah Taleqani had different features and characters. He was Sayyed, he was wise man, he was thoughtful man and all the time thought about people. Ayatollah Taleqani was a responsible man
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Mahmoud Taleghani was an Iranian theologian, Muslim reformer, democracy advocate and a senior Shi'a cleric of Iran. Taleghani was a contemporary of the Iranian Revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and a leader in his own right of the movement against Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
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A Review on the Multimedia Software ‘Ayatollah Taleghani’ on the Threshold of the Contemporary Abuzar Demise Anniversary
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For the Anniversary of Ayatollah Talighani
Navideshahed: The multimedia software ‘Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Taleghani’ as the Abuzar of the time has been produced by collaboration of Shahed Publication.
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In this article after a short introduction, we will define the word martyrdom and we will refer to martyrdom from the point of view of Qur'an and Prophet Mohammad (S. A. ) as well as the innocent Imams ( A. S. ). Then we will investigate the ideas of martyrs who have been aware of the grand position and value of the martyrs and due to their obedience of the decrees of the Supreme Leader and their Basiji thinking they have defended their country and to do this they have made use of those who took part in Ashura; they have chosen their ways through this awareness and finally we will come to this conclusion that the martyrs have chosen martyrdom at the decree of the Supreme Leader and to Preserve and keep their country and it was at the end of their choice that they finally died. . . . . .
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TEHRAN, (SCIB) – The 39th issue of “Shahed Yaran”? Cultural and Historical Monthly Magazine has been published under the title of “Fajr Afarinan”? by “Shahed Publication”?. This monthly magazine will be distributed in the 2nd National Conference on Fajr Afarinan.
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A Review on Software Produced by Shahed Electronic Publication:
TEHRAN, (SCIB) - The multimedia software of “Abouzar-e Zaman”? includes a set of information about biography of Ayatollah Sayed Mahmoud Taleghani. This software is produced by Shahed Electronic Publication.
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Leila Hatami
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TEHRAN, (SCIB) –The latest issue of “Shahed Yaran”? Magazine cultural- Historical Monthly Magazine published.
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