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The list of Memoirs of the Martyrs Mr. Rajaee and Bahonar


Holly Imam Khomeini

The Chronicle (of martyr Rajaee)

To be like Ali like Rajaee (the ministers in the worst rooms)

If the meals are different I will leave

Arrested by you then I am free

Love in the jail

His rigor melted the steel

Impatient and gracious like wave

If the objective is God

The Superordinate leader of the Islamic revolution Mr. khameneh’ee

The chronicle of martyr Bahonar

To quote some words of Bahonar

How ideal to be like Bahonar

To quote some words of the wife of Bahonar       

Imam Khomeini:

 Both Mr. Rajaee and Mr. Bahonar are martyrs who were comrades in the field to fight the Devil and the late martyr Rajaee said to me that I have been with Mr. Bahonar for about 20 years and God wished them to leave this world along with each other.

 The Chronicle of martyr Rajaee:

 He was born in Ghazvin city.

1938: his father passed away who was a craftsman.

1948: he migrated to Tehran because of financial problem and he started many new jobs like a peddler and working in kilns.

1950: entered the air force which coincidences the government of Razm Ara and made acquaintance with a clergyman called Mr. Taleghanee and attended his meetings at Hedayat mosque.

1956: quitted the air force because of some political activities.

1960: he was graduated from the college and started teaching in Tehran and Khansar and then joined the liberty movement of Iran.

1963: he was married.

1964: the secret police arrested him in Ghazvin and he was released upon bail after 50 days and then the court exculpated him.

1968: and he directed the Islamic association and then founded a school to continue his political activities with Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani.

1972: he migrated to Paris, Turkey and Syria to continue his struggles and to contact the foreign Revolutionary Guardrs and then got back to Iran after one month.

1976: he was tortured by the secret police of Iran and he stonewalled for 14 months and consequently was sentenced for 5years jail to be able to torture him much more.

1979: he was released from jail in November and attended the Islamic association of the teachers until the victory of the Islamic republic and joining the committee of welcoming Imam Khomeini (PBUH).

1981: he was elected gaining 1,209,012 votes as the representative of Tehran in national assembly (Majles).

1981: was elected as the prime minister of Iran.

1982: he was elected as president by the founder of the Islamic republic of Iran.

1982: he was martyred when the enemies had planted a bomb at the president’s office.

 We hope to be like Rajaee who was like Ali, The ministers in the worst room:

 In one of the first enactments Mr. Rajaee had mentioned that the Ministers should be located in the worst rooms of the Ministers Complex and he had chosen a small room of clerks for him. And you couldn’t find any sofa in it but just some chairs and a table in this small and compact room. And my room as a consultant and my deputy was a compact room in the fourth floor. He did that because he thought in other case as usual they change and will be preoccupied with their situations. The other point was about the equality of the Ministers. The last one was about the salaries of the Ministers as it should be the average of the salaries of the all personals that is about 7 thousand Tomans.

Unfortunately even at that time some of the Ministers didn’t obey the role exactly. We were going to one of the educational districts, and I asked the driver: do you know there? The driver replied: No.  And Mr. Rajaee said: go on I know the way. And continued: if you had sold dishes in the streets of Tehran, then you would know all over the city. And the driver looked at the face of Rajaee in the mirror and his laugh seemed to be heartfelt. I said: really? And he said: actually. It is not so far the way from peddling to ministry, of course in case if downtrodden has started a revolution.

 If all the meal is not the same then I will leave here:

 During a travel with Mr. Rajaee to Mashhad as usual he wanted to go to the guesthouse of the college and even to stay there that night sleeping on the two unit beds and the next morning like other students to take his meal standing in the line. And the amenable of the Mashhad Shrine invited him and his accompaniers to have the lunch at the Luxury dinning saloon of the Shrine of Imam Reza. It was a real banquet.

 At the first moment he looked at the decent spread and quietly told me that if my meal is different from others then I will leave here. As I knew him exactly replied him that I am not familiar with the person in charge here, and it would be better if you asked someone to be familiar with him to be able to ask him your question. And once again he said as you know me surely I will live the party and I believed he would do that so that I asked one of the waiters to bring just one kind of food and take the other kind because Mr. Rajaee is angry about it, and he did it.  

I am free when arrested by you          

Be careful! Not to accept laxity instead of freedom. Please clear the western freedom and Islamic freedom. In 1978, if you saw that a boy and a girl are freely walking in the street from night till morn, no one could tell them that, if you are human being then what life is this? Well, in Islamic Republic we have such a thing, now what? Now they want to deprave our youth that they are free? Never! It is forbidden as in the west.

 We shouted because of this and said: this regime which brings the tourists with that sort of figures to deprave our culture as much as they can. It is forbidden now. What does it mean? Of course, it means you can do whatever God accepts and nothing else. And there is no difference between the people. Well, everybody is free at their homes but a writer is not allowed to write about anything which he thinks. (Written by martyr Rajaee)

 The love in Jail

 I should like to say that I have so many memories of the most interesting one is about the jail in years, 75-76 which both of us were poisoned at that time. Of course, we were in solitary confinements I was at No.20, and he was at No.18, and there was one other room between us. But I could contact with him. Using the Morse signs I told something to my next-door and he transferred those signs to him and he returned me reply in this case. And during a day several times we greeted each other in this way.   

Sometimes we talked through the curtains between the cells when we were out of the cells when the guards were not watching us. We did this for several times and even kissed each other afar. 

Written by Mr. Khameneh’ee

 His rigor melted the steel 

Since 1962, I knew the late Rajaee our dear friend and I knew him much more since 1969, as you know him from his words he was a mystic and a person like Aboozar. Perhaps, he hasn’t studied the mysticism but he was really a mystic.

 He had known God so clearly. And he had a strong belief. He believed in his words. He didn’t said what he didn’t act it. He bravely resisted during the jailing days. It is not overstatement if I say that he didn’t disclose anything after so many tortures. He was in jail for 13 months and he knew some things about me that if he disclosed them I would be executed too. I was arrested 13 months after him. They hit me and my leg wounded.

 They took me to police station to have my leg dressed. And it was crowded there and all of them were standing in line. I had started dressing at the moment I heard a known voice. I saw the doctor is talking to somebody (Mr. Rajaee) and says: why do you come here? We can’t dress your wound here. You should go to the hospital. He had so much pain. I noticed that they had pulled his nails after 13 months. Since The Doctor couldn’t cure him with those primitive tools, he ordered to call an ambulance and to take him to the hospital and dress his wound there. After 13 months taken to the jail and they started the tortures. (Written by Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani)   

 Impatient and gracious like wave

 We could brief all his features in one.

 I have aforementioned one of his prominent features, he was sincere. One could not get what is going on in his thought just looking at his calm face. Actually he was a thoughtful, theoretician and ideologist of the revolution and this was what no one knew about it as long as he was alive, and even at this time just his close friends and coworkers know about his majesty.

 He had left so many notes and had written so many books. He had written so many pamphlets and for years the students and the people used his unnamed letters. And no one knew that martyr Rajaee had prepared these all. He had close relationship with martyr Motaharee and Beheshtee and both of them respected his high scientific thought. Any how he was a surpassing person and a wise, gracious, sharp, punctilious, farsighted man, in the shell of an impeccable and laconic man; he had glittered gracious, sincere and strait. (Written by Mr. Khameneh’ee).

 If the objective is God

 The late Rajaee when first started his job, although he was against the method of Banisader and all other liberals, but so politely at the National Assembly said: I am follower of Imam, offspring of assembly and brother of the President.

 No nobler than this one could interpret. And all accepted this sort of talking even the opposites of Banisader loved him Now that Mr. Rajaee wanted to work as a Prime minister and in the future they would discuss about the cabinet, acts and resolutions expediently, they preferred avoiding disputes with Banisadr because country was tired of the conflicts between the authorities of high rank and was seeking for friendship and kindness.

 But Banisader like some one who directly looked in one eyes and insulted him, insulted Rajaee in his interviews.

 The leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mr. Khameneh’ee :

 These two great men are so respectful and compassionate persons of this country. They were bearing the goals of the revolution, and had tasted the bitter flavor of difficulties, and had passed the campaigns and Revolutionary Guards. It is necessary to remember these men forever.

 The Chronicle of Bahonar

 He was born in a craftsman, modest and deprived family in Kerman.

1939: He started the school at 5 years old.

 1944: He attended the religious science school of Kerman called Masoomiyeh.

 1954: He migrated to Qom and continues his studies there in the field of Islamic science at the class of Mr. Broojerdi and Imam Khomeini and Allameh Tabataba’ee.

1955: Graduated of mature students’ high school.

1958: Published the calendar of the Shiette School.

1959: Got his BA and then MA – arrested in Abadan because of opposing the King who had recognized Israel.

1964: He was arrested in Tehran after lecturing about the Event of Feiziyeh School for 4 months. Lecturing at Hedayat Mosque, Aljavad Mosque, Hoseiniyeh Ershad and at the Islamic association of the Engineers and Physicians, took part in foundation of Welfare School and in the sessions of alliance committees, and got Doctorate of Tehran university and took part in foundation of Canoon Toheed, and took part in foundation of Islamic Culture publication Office.

1966: Married

1972: He was interdicted to lecture in the Mosques. He started his activities in Education Center and compiled the religious books from primary to high school accompanied by martyr Beheshtee

1974: renewed arrested of him and his sister and their continuous call to secret police.

1976: took part in moral and training congress in Japan.

1978: arrested in Shiraz University and two other arrests.

1979: Imam ordered him to join the Islamic revolution board.

1981: was elected as the representative of the people of Kerman in experts assembly and Islamic board- appointed in Martyr Rajaee’ S Cabinet as the minister of Education.

1982: elected as the secretary-general of Islamic republic Party after the event of June 28th.

- appointed as prime minister after martyr Rajaee was elected as president.

- martyred along with Rajaee when the president’s office was planted a bomb.

 Some words of Mr. Bahonar

 If you study the legislated law it shows the nature of the Islamic republic but schematically Islamic republic bases on two backrests, the first one is the public and the second one is the Islam so that both the Islam and people should be present always. The Islam should be the base.

 Of course, it doesn’t mean that we are forced to conduct all the details and roles of Islam but it can be the backup and the substructure. It means that altogether rules, edicts and law which are legislated should be based on Islamic measures.

 But as I mentioned before all of our acts should be based on the Constitution.

 Mr. Rajaee said:

 The Constitution is the extract of the Holly Koran, which is abstracted from the verses and Scriptures of the Holly Koran, Tradition, isolated Tradition and manner of living (of the holly prophet).

 We defend this constitution as a great accomplishment of the revolution and we will water the sapling of revolution with the drops of our blood.

 All the persons in charge knows and should know that downtrodden and uprising People of Iran whose relatives are mostly martyrs are worried about the conflicts and they surely desire to finish these discords and change them into integration and alliance. Those in charge clearly know that the enemies will use these situations beneficially for their propaganda and they presume consequently.

 Although these conflicts are about the way of leading country and none of them allows the internal and external enemies to intervene.

All of them say that continuation of Revolutionary Guard is necessary for revolution to complete. The catastrophe is the conflict between people and this is deviation, deviancy from revolution, and let’s finishes it up for God’s sake.

 In order to enrich the thought of university students in the direction of new valuable Islamic and political measures, and to fructify the ideal rudiments of our revolution as opposing the west and the east to reach self-sufficiency, freedom, independence, and continuous Revolutionary Guard against the colonialism and to cu off the dependence on the enemies and to rehabilitate the values and the respect of the nation of Iran. And be prepared to help the downtrodden people of the world and the abstract and social link with all the uprising deprived people of the world to contrive for pure Islamic integration.

 All these internal and external political goals and causes should be studied, explained and rationalized in the universities so that the others will believe us according to these.

 I wish to be like Bahonar

 When he was the minister of education and got back home and I congratulated him although I knew that he won’t be happy to hear that, he replied me in this way that: I feel that I don’t have 4 children but 10 million children that I am in charge of all of them. He was the man his skill was to revive the forgotten culture of the real Islam. 


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