News ID: 61462
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:52
Camp dispensary's innovative Brothers have made equipment out of radio that could get the information and news of Iraqi's wireless, but a betrayer spy informed the camp commander this matter.

They immediately closed the barracks that very day, and after three days rushed to the barracks to find the equipment. They looked everywhere and messed everything but could not succeed to find anything.

The Iraqi officer that was very angry of this matter, after an hour came and amazingly saw that all of our comrades' instruments were in order. He that was clear is searching a pretext to issue a punishment order and command, said, "You didn’t say a proper attention! When you were badly punished, then you would say good attention!

Then he went out. After seconds, fourteen slash carrier Iraqi soldiers entered and they punished our comrades to the point that they were tired and went and the barrack was closed for ten days.
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