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Publish Date: 08 November 2016 - 14:43
The first pre-volume of monthly “Shahed Women” published in Aban 95 in appendix of Shahed of Yaran with attempt of Shahed Collection magazines of Martyr Foundation and Veterans Affairs.
By publishing pre -first volume of Shahed Yaran’s appendex

NAVID SHAHED: magazine collection of Shahed in new round started publishing its fifth professional monthly with title of "Shahed Women”.

In introduction of this monthly we read: "Shahed Women” is a way for hearing voice of women. Those dedicated women who never loud their voice for their individual requests. Women who depict the story of Candle and Butterfly for years. They are observers of dedication and narrators of patience and tolerance. We aspire to show real face of these women, and enhance on the Truth’s wall of life all their motherhood feelings, their nursing role through life’s responsibility, even though they sometimes act manly.

Main titles of this volume of "Shahed Women” are:

"Historical role of Iranian Muslim Woman in viewpoint of the Revolution Supreme Leader”, "Easy and abstention narration of women’s dedication”, "I will take dedication flag on my feminine shoulders”, "A review on life of Mahdiyah Elahi Qomshei, a woman who had great name on poetry and mysticism”, "Three cuts from inside of lady lyrics and Mysticism”, "Posts from Afshin A’la and Maryam Qasemi”, "Step by step with mother’s tears and smiles in martyr part of Behesht -e- Zahra of Tehran”, "A dialogue with two representative members of Woman’s Caucus of Islamic Parliament”, "Social responsibilities of dedicated women”, "I don’t want to make a hero from myself”, "Reviewing one liner letter of Zahra Qeidari to his husband– Nurse War, Wife and Sister of martyr-”, "We were together, got together and we together climb” , bitterness and sweet nesses of an individual experience”, "Wife and daughter of martyr Sayad Shirazi saying about days after martyrdom”, "I feel he is beside me”, "The music of Sardasht is still "women’s cough””, "Chemical women’s vacancies in international courts”, "Examining social, medical and cultural problems of chemical women”, "Gradual death of a dream”, "History is carved on their bodies and souls”, "Chemical women; sickening mothers”, "Good day of a veiled in virtual world”, "If I were to go back, I became a police again”, "Polyclinic”, "The chef”, "Mountain of women’s whisperings”, "It is the most sad joy of world” and "The Studio”.

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