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2017/08/14 - 11:41
IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari addresses a ceremony in the central city of Najafabad on August 13, 2017 in commemoration of an IRGC member recently killed by the Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Syria. (Photo by Tasnim news agency)
2017/08/14 - 11:21
Our border guards who are martyred in border areas have delivered many blows to the enemy. They have prevented the enemies from infiltrating, from hatching their plots and from implementing their corrupt measures.
2017/07/23 - 10:19
Simultaneous with passing frothy days from martyrdoms of terrorist’s attack in Tehran
One hundred and forty-second number of “Shahed Yaran” illustrates two terrorist events of the month of Khordad. This volume published by the name of “reddish Khordad”.
2017/06/17 - 09:05
handwritten martyr ahmadreza ahmadi
Sunday morning (1362/12/24) we came to the front for sending to group of Fajr and after saying goodbye to our brothers we went to martyr Chamran’s Base. In the way, all fellows had indescribable mood and all of us were in a same operational militant.
2014/08/19 - 10:12
Israel’s military defeat in the recent offensive against the Gaza Strip proved the rightfulness of resistance, Hezbollah’s representative in Iran said on Monday
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2017/01/24 - 13:53
davood ameri was born in 1963 9n 1963 in Gorgan,Iran. He is a victim of the Iran-Iraq War.
2017/05/27 - 09:49
The 139th volume of monthly “Shahed Yaran” with magazine responsible manager and editorial of “Mahbub Shahbazi” by magazines groups of Shahed is published and audience for buying the magazine could contact with Tel number of 88823584.
2017/05/27 - 08:59
‘Luminous Mothers: Martyr Kamran Ganji According to His Mother’ is the title of a biographical book on the first Iranian Zoroastrian martyr during the Sacred Defense
2017/04/30 - 10:42
The book of “when the moonlight disappeared”, the memories of “Ali Khosh Lafz” the soldier and veteran of the Holy Defense era after commentary of the Supreme Leader received to ninth edition.
2017/04/29 - 09:58
According to the foundation, Sadra Publication Institute in Moscow has cooperated to publish the research work.
2017/03/08 - 11:51
I have always said that our martyrs are on the front lines defending Islam and that their families–including fathers, mothers, wives and children–stand, immediately, behind them; this should be appreciated.
2017/08/19 - 10:04
Iran's Major General Qassem Soleimani has hailed Iraq’s defeating of Daesh in Mosul as a major victory in the battle against terrorism.
2017/07/11 - 15:01
The story of a bride who her groom (Hussein Hariri) became a Shrine Defender and became martyr.
2017/05/31 - 12:01
President Trump is now threatening to take America into a war against Syria, Iran and even Russia, a war he says is justified by “evidence” he has received from the Syrian White Helmets.
2017/04/09 - 13:53
Ayatollah Khamenei's Nowruz -- like previous years -- did not come without visiting the families of the honorable martyrs.
2017/04/08 - 11:42
One of the youngest martyrs of Defender of Zeinab (PUH) Shrine wrote a letter for Ayatollah Khamenei before his martyrdom.
2017/06/19 - 10:00
Martyr Muhammad Talebiyan after Holy Defense’s years in 1370 and with attending to crackdown operation against Monafiq in Iraq became martyrdom. His pure body never came back to his homeland.
2017/06/11 - 12:46
After my marriage, we came to Tehran. When I was 28 I got the sixth grade of elementary and I decided to attend for university exam. Unfortunately, that year Mrs. Farokh Ro Parsa became minister and she forbidden me attending to university exam.
2017/06/06 - 08:53
At the time, I witnessed the events in Ahvaz. Khorram-shahr actually had no armed forces; martyr "Aqarbprst" - the very committed person from army- brought and repaired a few half-broken tanks from Khosroabad to Khorram-shahr.
2017/05/29 - 10:11
Tayyebe Vaezi Dehnavi was born in 1337 in one of the villages in Isfahan. He grew up in a religious poor family, and for this reason soon became acquainted with the suffering of oppressed people.
2017/05/23 - 10:37
Let us be clear from the very beginning: the greatest threat to Islam originates from Wahhabism, a cancerous phenomenon that has been allowed to fester and propagate for several centuries.
2017/07/30 - 12:00
In sixties decade, revelation’s seeding was passing many hard storms and if there wasn’t any hope and faith it wouldn’t tolerant huge eternal and external attacks.
2017/07/11 - 09:50
Iran Islamic Revolution is a social phenomena that its dimensions should be evaluated to understand its reality and outstanding role of Imam and his followers and students
2017/06/11 - 10:08
US invasion to Tabas was actually started from November 4, 1979, when Iranian Muslim students attacked the US embassy in Tehran and hold 53 Americans as hostages.
2017/05/30 - 15:07
a note from Mahbub Shahbazi, the director general of Documents and Publications of Martyr and Veterans affairs Foundation on occasion of publishing index dictionary of martyrs of all country by Shahed Publisher.
2017/04/16 - 10:35
Veterans meet with Ayatollah Khamenei to share memories
Photos: Leader's representatives pay homage to disabled war veterans
Officials of Rahian-e-Nour pilgrimage met with Ayatollah Khamenei