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2018/12/15 - 11:36
Iran has launched the first infographic contest to highlight achievements of the Islamic Revolution as its 40th anniversary draw near.
2018/12/10 - 10:11
The arbaeen march, or pilgrimage, was being held throughout different eras in the Islamic history of the shia sect. it was especially held during the time of sheik Morteza Ansari very bombastically and gloriously.
2018/12/10 - 10:04
countries had quite different situations. On one side there was Iran which after the fall of the Shah would see itself free of the rein of domestic and foreign rule and had no relations with world powers.
2018/12/04 - 13:53
Annually, Lebanon’s Hezbollah marks the Martyr’s Day, on the 11th of November. Hezbollah’s pervasive culture of martyrdom has sustained since its establishment, in the 1980s, in the aftermath of the Zionist occupation of the Lebanese south.
2018/12/02 - 14:14
Films on the Iran-Iraq 1980-1988 war, which is called “Sacred Defense” in Iran, and those filmmakers active in this field were honored during the opening ceremony of the 15th International Resistance Film Festival
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2012/04/21 - 11:26

Seyyed of Quarters

2016/11/22 - 11:05
The last number of " Shahed Yaran " monthly magazine published for the memorial of martyr Ahmad Qasir .
2018/11/06 - 15:17
Prayer in the captives a diary writing which explains the Iranian prisoners diary during the time in the Iraqi prisons .
2018/11/06 - 15:11
The book " fall in the Silence " was written by Ibrahim Zahedi Motlagh which explained martyr Javad Fakouri's life .
2018/11/06 - 11:33
One hundred and fifty sixth NO of Youth Shahed , social – cultural monthly magazine , published in the recent month . this magazine is specific for 17 to 25 years years old .
2018/09/03 - 12:05
The book of " Daesh ; thoughts and Organizations " analyzed the history of foundation of ISIS , changes of ISIS and some Takfiri's thoughts . the book was prepared in 11 chapters in which analyzed the Terrorists Organization .
2018/09/22 - 10:07
Martyr Mohammad Ali Qasim Zadeh was born in a cultural and religious family in Tehran in 1356.
2018/07/07 - 08:09
Despite the fact that about 28 years have passed from the end of the Sacred Defense Era, martyrs’ memory and names will not become old and lost. The reason is that Allah the Exalted has said, “They are alive in presence of their Lord” [The Holy...
2018/01/07 - 14:54
It was not only the regime of Saddam that had confronted Iran in Sacred Defense era Sep 28, 2016
2018/01/08 - 12:27
A Nigerian political activist decried the continued imprisonment of top Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, whose health is deteriorating, and said the Abuja government is seeking to gradually kill the popular figure.
2018/01/01 - 21:37
The Supreme Leader said: the late Mustafa Khomeini was an excellent man in terms of talent, academic daring, self-purification, courage and struggling manner.
2017/10/30 - 09:22
The diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran since the very first days after the revolution has had characteristic power to influence the world opinion.Since the revolution was founded on a new thought,it laid its influence on the world public mind
2018/12/04 - 13:27
It was evening that … we heard the sound of a whistle . we all stood in a line , the Iraqi officer called our name and we raised our hands to show our presence .
2018/11/06 - 09:43
Before the Muharram operation … we all gathered together and martyr Rajab Qasemi Tabar started to speak with us . we sat beside him , I want you explain my recent dream to you … he said.
2018/11/06 - 09:40
He was too calm . at the first Valfajr Operation he was completely changed . the more clser to the operation , the more happiness we saw in his face.
2018/11/06 - 09:33
Yaghub was born in 1964 in Bandar Abbas ( city in south of Iran ) in a religious family . at the age of 4 he suddenly paralyzed . we moved him to the hospital as soon as possible .
2018/11/06 - 09:27
This week Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recommended the youth to study the documents of the US Embassy in Iran. Hereby a number of points are illustrated to show what schemes Washington had planned against Iran.
2018/12/10 - 10:06
countries had quite different situations. On one side there was Iran which after the fall of the Shah would see itself free of the rein of domestic and foreign rule and had no relations with world powers.
2018/12/04 - 13:35
When in September 1979 Iraq invaded Iran, the two countries’ situations were completely different from each other.
2018/12/04 - 13:31
Mohammad Reza Sheibani, currently Iran’s deputy foreign minister for the Middle East, used to work as ambassador to Lebanon during the 33 day war.
2018/12/04 - 13:23
Although the House of Saud live in Saudi Arabia in the holiest places of Muslims, where annually tens of millions of Muslims from all walks of life and from all races visit to pray at the House of God.
2018/12/02 - 13:33