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2019/12/05 - 20:25
at an event commemorating 92,000 Basij martyrs in Tehran
2019/12/05 - 20:04
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called on Iranian officials to treat those suspected of involvement in the recent riots over gasoline price hikes with “Islamic compassion.”
2019/11/26 - 23:14
photo: ali sotan mohammadi
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2016/11/22 - 11:05
A Kyrgyz translation of the book “Mutual Services of Islam and Iran” by Martyr Motahhari, will be published in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan.
2019/11/20 - 07:47
Davood AMriyan is the writer who well-known figure in the Iranian children and young adults literature. His main interest of subject is war literature. He published his memories of Iran-Iraq war at the age of twenty. Satire and presence of young active...
2019/11/20 - 00:42
The latest number of the Youth Shahed monthly magazine published with the interesting and readable content by the effort of Shahed Magazine Group.
2019/10/09 - 12:25
The latest issue of Shahed Yaran monthly magazine published with title of "Shrine Defender Martyrs" by the effort of Shahed Magazine Group.
2019/10/08 - 10:37
The book "Immortal Sunset" contains memories from the seprated members of Munafiqin organization at the Mersad Operation.
2019/09/11 - 17:15
Among the historical monuments of Rasht city in Gilan province, the tomb of Mirza Kouchak Khan Jangali reminds us of the struggles of a freedom fighter to protect Iran against the machinations of colonial powers.
2019/12/01 - 00:59
Imam Khomeini used to swiftly reject the idea of any sort of reform and would resolutely fight any sort of advantage given by the Pahlavi regime. He dismissed as unacceptable Mohammad Reza Shah’s repentance, saying it was like Pharaoh’s repentance. We...
2019/11/18 - 01:06
After the martyrdom of martyr Hashemi Nejad, Imam Khomeini revealed the role of America and the Munafiqin Operation at the assassinating operation.
2019/10/12 - 15:12
The daughter of the former Iraqi dictator claimed that my father (Saddam) ordered to the Iraqi forces to have good behavior with martyr Tondguyan.
2019/10/06 - 10:58
Ahmad Qasir was the starter of the very important "self-martyrdom operations" which led the Zionist regime into the failure in 2000 and also helped Hizbollah to win the 33 days war in Qaza.
2019/10/02 - 13:50
Each nation requires some symbols for its existence and its cultural historical identity invigoration and Seyed Mojtaba Hashemi is considered a symbol of resistance among the people who has stood against enemies of Islamic country.
2019/11/18 - 16:30
"Great men, who have an open mind, never give up hope. They never think of themselves. They do not think of their freedom while they are in prison. They try to achieve their goals under any circumstances.
2019/10/07 - 14:20
Raeis Ali Delvari never censored my letter, since we are far from each other but there are many differences among us. He is a clever and brave man that I have ever seen. We are Munafiq and insincere.
2019/10/07 - 14:05
Imam Khomeini (RA) trusted martyr Sayyed Musa Namjoo. Musa Namjoo was the main key connection factor among Army and Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, martyr's son said.
2019/10/02 - 14:52
Sheikh Yasin strongly believed in his rights as a Palestinian—that all Palestinians must (one day or another sooner or later) return back and that all Palestinians who were forced to leave their land.
2019/10/20 - 10:30
When the Bathi forces started the bombardments, Behnam hardly tried to help the injuries. He reached himself at the forefront. He was arrested as captive by the Iraqi forces but he ran away from the Iraqi camps.
2019/10/14 - 10:59
After a time he was injured by a bullet war which hit his head through an intelligence operation in Halab. finally he was martyred and joined his martyr friends
2019/10/09 - 09:06
In 1992, the martyr became the commander of Hezbollah central military unit and started forming military formations and developing plans.
2019/10/08 - 11:16
Mehrdad loved Ahlul Bait (SA) from the his childhood and walked in the path of Islamic Revolution. he had an active role in improving the culture of martyrdom , resistance and Issar.
2019/09/30 - 13:11
Massive rallies were held across the country on Monday to mark the anti-arrogance Day
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