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2017/05/23 - 10:37
Tayyebe Vaezi Dehnavi was born in 1337 in one of the villages in Isfahan. He grew up in a religious poor family, and for this reason soon became acquainted with the suffering of oppressed people.
2017/05/17 - 15:57
Two law enforcement officers were assassinated in the southern provincial capital city of Ahvaz, on the wee hours of Monday, said a local official.
2017/05/03 - 12:20
On the occasion of Imam Hussein’s birth and Pasdar’s (protectors) day
years later, when you read this will, be aware that my schools is school of martyrdom and my religion is the religion of blood and from the day that I attended to Sepah Pasdaran I realized the meaning of being in Hussein’s (a.s) army.
2017/04/23 - 12:11
The enemies--whether the United States or greater than the United States--cannot do a single thing against an establishment that is linked to its people, an establishment that has admiration for it's people and the people admire it back.
2017/04/18 - 09:03
The municipality of Qazvin with aim of protecting values of Holy Defense and introducing remarkable faces of Qazvin make the house of martyr Abbas Babaee as a museum in recent year.
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2012/08/15 - 09:44
‘Luminous Mothers: Martyr Kamran Ganji According to His Mother’ is the title of a biographical book on the first Iranian Zoroastrian martyr during the Sacred Defense
2017/04/30 - 10:42
The book of “when the moonlight disappeared”, the memories of “Ali Khosh Lafz” the soldier and veteran of the Holy Defense era after commentary of the Supreme Leader received to ninth edition.
2017/04/29 - 09:58
According to the foundation, Sadra Publication Institute in Moscow has cooperated to publish the research work.
2017/03/08 - 11:51
English and Urdu translations of eight books on biography of Iranian martyrs have been published by Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs in cooperation with Organization of Islamic Disseminations in Kashmir, India.
2017/02/19 - 14:45
At the sixth commemoration ceremony for the literary works on resistance and jihad held this morning, Wednesday, February 8, 2017, at the Hussayniyeh of Imam Khomeini (ra) in Hamedan, Ayatollah Khamenei's commentaries on three books about the Holy Defense...
2017/02/12 - 09:45
President Trump is now threatening to take America into a war against Syria, Iran and even Russia, a war he says is justified by “evidence” he has received from the Syrian White Helmets.
2017/04/09 - 13:53
Ayatollah Khamenei's Nowruz -- like previous years -- did not come without visiting the families of the honorable martyrs.
2017/04/08 - 11:42
Shahid Ahmad Sha’bai was hired as a teenager in Iran Docharkh’s company and spent his law salary for the poor and orphans.
2017/02/25 - 15:38
Muhammad Mahmoodi NourAbadi believed that hypothyroidism in Holy Defense’s field would face the danger of distortion and actually memories are main materials of writing novel.
2017/02/25 - 15:58
Radio Drama of “The Seventy – Third” was publish with voices of Shahab Hoseini, Hamed Behdad and Behrooz Razavi from cultural institute of Sun Media.
2017/02/25 - 14:12
Tayyebe Vaezi Dehnavi was born in 1337 in one of the villages in Isfahan. He grew up in a religious poor family, and for this reason soon became acquainted with the suffering of oppressed people.
2017/05/23 - 10:37
Badreddine was born on 6 April 1961 in Al Ghobeiry, municipality in the Baabda District. His parents are Amine Badreddine and Fatima Jezeini, who originate from South Lebanon.
2017/05/21 - 16:14
Martyr Sayyed Asadollah Lajevardi was born in a religious family of believers in Southern Tehran in 1935. He studied theological sciences before working as a bazaar draper.
2017/05/21 - 13:25
Martyr Nosrat Zad in a courage action after saying about his will about his injuring place and his prison requested for firing.
2017/05/10 - 09:01
Khalid in the court was shouting “«انا خالد اسلامبولی، انا قاتل السادات، انا قاتل الفرعون، انا قاتل الطاغوت فی سبیل الله» Other accused also encouraged him with saying Allah Akbar.
2017/05/01 - 12:08
a note from Mahbub Shahbazi, the director general of Documents and Publications of Martyr and Veterans affairs Foundation on occasion of publishing index dictionary of martyrs of all country by Shahed Publisher.
2017/04/16 - 10:35
In a ceremony , one of the main streets in the Lebanese capital of Beirut is scheduled to be named after a former Iranian defense minister and senior commander, Martyr Mostafa Chamran.
2017/02/05 - 13:20
Millions of pilgrims have gathered in Iraq's holy city of Karbala to mark Arbaeen, a sacred Shia Muslim ritual. Arbaeen, also known as Chehlum, commemorates the end of the 40-day mourning period after the killing of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's...
2016/11/12 - 10:34
Occurrence of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1357 [February 1979] surprised experts of phenomenon of “Revolution”?, governments and intelligence organizations which did not predict such event. In 1353 [1978-1979], Central Intelligence Agency of...
2016/11/01 - 15:37
After about 3 decades since the beginning of the imposed war and the creation of the early works of theater of the Sacred defense war and about twenty years after its end, it is possible to say after looking at the bulk of the works that have been produces...
2016/10/31 - 09:09
Photos: Leader's representatives pay homage to disabled war veterans
Officials of Rahian-e-Nour pilgrimage met with Ayatollah Khamenei
Photos: Iranian youngest Shrine defender martyred in Syria