2018/05/09 - 11:24
Searching through past events, finding out about the works of men who had a great impact on present and future achievements and also presenting their efforts and steps in the way of....
2018/05/11 - 11:09
“Iran will never be a safe place for aggressors”. It is an everlasting and noble statement of a brave man who was a distinguished model of courage, faith and generosity.
2018/05/24 - 10:13
Martyr Ayatollah Tabatabae who would be named as “ Khomeini of Azarabaijan “ was really a great personality for Imam Khomeini’s path and lived in Northwest Iran
2018/01/08 - 12:41
Martyr Ibrahim Amiri wrote in his will: “O Commander of the Lord and O Jundullah, be at the heart of the enemies of Islam and with the help of all your warrior brothers and with the help of all the merciless people in the world and hurry with the help of your Muslim brothers in Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan.
2017/12/28 - 10:10
Martyr Khanbani in his will states: "Here is a university in which human beings are real, and they see the difficulties and hardness of their worldly times, and teach the lesson of faith, courage, bravery and masculinity."
Each nation requires some symbols for its existence and its cultural historical identity invigoration and Seyed Mojtaba Hashemi is considered a symbol of resistance among the people who has stood against enemies of Islamic country.
2018/05/22 - 10:30
Nearly since foundation of Qom seminary by Ayatollah Haeri Yazdi it was clear that this seminary beside the holy Najaf seminary will become another center for propagation and explanation of Shiite and Islamic cultures.
2017/08/29 - 15:54
Martyr Nosrat Zad in a courage action after saying about his will about his injuring place and his prison requested for firing.
2017/05/10 - 09:01
Finally we arrived and all fellows become divided in groups and we went to a region that all around it was strongholds. Mr Gangi the assistance of Haj Sattar sent us to strongholds.
2017/03/01 - 10:56
Brigadier-General Pilot Mohammad A’tiqechi in an exclusive interview with Navid Shahed’s reporter with remembering his first memories about his friendship with martyr Yasini.
2017/02/25 - 14:43
It behooves me to make a few comments about Shahid (Martyr) Mustafa Chamran during this meeting. First of all, Mustafa Chamran was an outstanding and talented person, in addition to being a scientist.
2016/12/20 - 13:56
All his body was signs of torturing. There were signs remained from Savak prisons. In year of 58 and from first days of Kurdestan’s conflicts he went to Marivan and he assumed its command.
2016/12/13 - 11:27
Imam Khomeini's speeches were so riveting to him that he tattooed May I devote my Life to you, Khomeini on his chest and began training his friends to become devoted revolutionary supporters.
2019/01/25 - 14:59
Major General Ahmad Kazemi was an Iranian commander in the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution and one of the most notable commanders in Iran–Iraq War.
2019/01/24 - 13:58
Sayyid Mustafa Khomeini, the eldest son of Imam Khomeini was born on the 12th of December 1930. From his early childhood, he was brought up under the influence of his family life environment, which was a religious and scientific one
2019/01/23 - 13:35
Martyr Kazemi ordered the warriors to bring the body of Majid back. When Abbotrabbi placed two knees on the ground and kissed his bloodthirsty kiss on the body of the martyr Sajdeh Sugar, when he placed the face of Majid in front of his father.
2018/01/08 - 12:44
After my marriage, we came to Tehran. When I was 28 I got the sixth grade of elementary and I decided to attend for university exam. Unfortunately, that year Mrs. Farokh Ro Parsa became minister and she forbidden me attending to university exam.
2017/06/06 - 08:53
One of the youngest martyrs of Defender of Zeinab (PUH) Shrine wrote a letter for Ayatollah Khamenei before his martyrdom.
2017/06/19 - 10:00
Among writings of martyr Ahmad Reza Ahmadi about Laylat- al- Qadr we read: the silver lights of moon a few moments ago came out from mountain sides and shines from amidst stronghold’s door and shows the incomplete pictures of things.
2017/06/17 - 09:53
Sunday morning (1362/12/24) we came to the front for sending to group of Fajr and after saying goodbye to our brothers we went to martyr Chamran’s Base. In the way, all fellows had indescribable mood and all of us were in a same operational militant.
2017/06/17 - 09:05
Martyr Muhammad Talebiyan after Holy Defense’s years in 1370 and with attending to crackdown operation against Monafiq in Iraq became martyrdom. His pure body never came back to his homeland.
2017/06/11 - 12:46
martyr Saee’d Karbalaee Saleh was born in 1346 in Tehran. In the beginning of the revolution although his age was low he was attended in revolutionary activities such as distributing leaflets and Imam Khomeini’s pictures and attending in protests actively in a way that he was hurt in his knees with baton.
2017/01/15 - 13:16