News ID: 7114
Publish Date: 27 August 2006 - 15:00
My brother! Abbas! Its me, your sister, we are close to March again, the new year. To the days, days you were still here, remember how much we'd talk while serving the guests. Garmsar weather, the weather of those days. Spring like. But you are not here anymore. Remember that day we looked at this album together <<Massomeh, put my picture on this page>> Abbas! I listened to you.

This album holds moments of your life, in the last picture you have a white angel's robe and gone to the end. Surely you must have seen that friend of yours, when he was martyred you were so impatient.

I am talking about Hamid Reza Sattar Panah. I still don’t know why you put henna to go visit his family. Mother got the henna ready. You know these things Abbas. You talked about martyrdom. But mother said: "Instead of dieing and martyrdom, think about victory for Islam and country". In the last letter you asked about brother Abolghasem's burnt leg. When you went passed the heater the kettle fell on his leg. Abbas it's been four years, Abolghasem is grown up, but hasn't forgotten that memorandum of yours. News of your flight at the first day of New Year 1988, unforgettable is the new year for us. Worshiping flight, Maoot Ara region, chemical bomb, Bait-Ol-Moghadas operation-3 date: 2/03/1987 and us, we are with or without you for ever, to eternity.
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