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Publish Date: 21 August 2006 - 12:03
My father <<Nasrollah Bakhshi>> was born in Garmsar in 1935. The way my mother narrates, although father worked at the ground forces of the army, but from pre revolution period he was considered one of the army fighters. With circulating pictures and notices of the Imam, he would fight the regime of Taghoot. When they forced the army against the public he had refused to shoot at people and was thrown into Shah's jail. In the beginning of war my family lived in Ahvaz. Father brought them to Garmsar and he went to the front lines.

The way Mr. Tabesh Diari, one of father's co-fighters tells us about it. Father had put his hands and feet into henna the night of operations because he had a feeling he would be martyred. His attitude was completely changed.

He kept reading the Koran and praying. His face was lit up. It was obvious he was ready to leave this world. The moment had arrived, enemy hit their vehicle, father was saved, but the situation demanded that he save his friends in the vehicle, he ran towards it and saved the guys inside but he was caught in enemy attack, his burnt body was in the desert of Khuzestan for nine days before he was recovered and brought into friends.
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