News ID: 6497
Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 15:21
We move to Khuzestan that to partake in Karbala 5 military operation. Starting this military operation was length amount 1 month. And then we move to Shalamcheh area, and drivers are divided in 4 groups and each group partakes at special time.

Iraqis were indwelling this region, but our forces aggregated around Iraqi rifle pit that we get. In this case we called this rifle pit to the name of Imam Reza sq. Amount 600 meter of this way is located in sq. The soldiers are passing by floating bridge, but we couldn't convey ammunition. We think to build a road, but the commander said with this road 45, many soldiers became martyred.
After 24 hours, the road is built without any problem. After military operation our forces reached to Bobiyan Island during 10 days.

One night, we must going to island for to excavation but that area was full of shots of enemy. Martyr Ghorbanian was ready to go to the area. He wants to select one his headbands with name of Ya Hussein, Ya Zahra, Ya Mohammad, and Ya Rohollah for his helmet.

Finally, "Ya Rohollah" became selected and he said in joking: "this old man will martyr me". After that night all soldiers come back but he didn't. Then commander said: Ibrahim became martyr last night.
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