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Publish Date: 12 August 2006 - 14:45
At the end of 1986, after the military operation of Karbala 5 for defending of Shalamcheh line we went in that place. Despite of boots, they would give laced shoes to soldiers. But the instructor Martyr Abulghasem Hemati did not accept to take laced shoes. When I asked the reason, he said these boots are reasonable for me. After a few days we were sent to Shalamcheh line, one of the soldiers, Ali, said to me and my friend that had low age: There is not so much time for washing your hands and preparing for praying to God, so you can do it without water (ablution with soil) Since we know there is so much time till sunset. We asked the situation of another soldier whose name was Mustafa. Ali said he is outside of rifle-pit. But his complexion said something else to me. We went out of rifle-pit quickly; we did not see Mustafa in there. We did not see rifle-pit that was near our rifle-pit. When we went more forward we saw his rifle-pit is destroyed due to mortar-shell the body of teenager Martyr Nurollah Akhtari the son of Ayatollah Akhtari the Friday Imam of Semnan was thrown to other side of earthwork. Only his leg was left here. The instructor Martyr Mustafa Pahlavan martyred as well.

We were looking for Abulghasem Hemati so hear the story from him. Since he was responsible to change the guard post at that night and certainly would know more information about this matter. We looked for him, but we did not find him. Suddenly in a damaged rifle-pit a pairs of Kickers shoes made us to be curious about that. His body had been cut into pieces and had gone to God in the highest point of sky.
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