News ID: 61382
Publish Date: 26 August 2007 - 06:05
They brought one of our comrades to BaghdÄ?d, near BaghdÄ?d opened his eyes-covered and he could see the surrounding environment. One of the soldiers said, the other side of the road look at the foal (shofe Azmal). Our comrade said when I saw the foal I said him so when in camp call us "Amal", you mean foal, the soldier said don’t take it very serious, you need to see bigger. In BaghdÄ?d there is big donkey. I that knew what he means returned and said, well, now I understood big donkey is in BaghdÄ?d (I mean Sadam) and he confirmed it and said; yeah, big donkey is in BaghdÄ?d, when we arrive you will see it yourself. That silly soldier did not know that I mean Saddam and he confirmed it.
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