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Publish Date: 10 December 2006 - 00:46

First Name : Naser
Last Name : Khaleghi
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Naser Khaleghi was born in a religious family in 1949. He entered to high school in 1963 which was exactly equal to the bloody revolution of June 5, so he started the political actions and he used to have activation in the Islamic meeting of high school. After accomplishing the high school entered to the University of Amir Kabir( Poly Technique University of Tehran) so in this case he had become more serious for acting against the regime of King. He was a responsible person for Islamic meeting for a few times, so he had connection with the Scientific Field of Qom for coordination of activities. He was dismissed from University for a year due to intensified activities that he used to show against the 2500-year celebrations that would be done in the regime of King in 1971. He had an essential role for performance of University Students Protests and expansion of some announcements. Nevertheless due to this matter he was captured two times and he stayed in prison for a year. When he was graduated from Engineering of Mechanic field went to the military service. Since he had a many revolutionary spirits he was sent to the bad and deprived places.
Some of Khaleghi activities in this field include organizing point in the mosques and sending some of these people to the south of Lebanon for training of military educations. He controlled all of these activities together with martyr Ayatollah Beheshti. After the victory of Islamic revolution and the attack of enemy (Iraq) to Iran he went to the battle fields, he was taken as a captive in 1980, so he was imprisoned for ten years, when he returned to his country, he kept his army spirit and he started activation in Construction Jihad in the section of Fisheries. He also was the development Minister of hunting harbors; he was the head of technical commission of Fisheries. Khaleghi was the representative of sixth assembly of Islamic council and he entered to Working Ministry and then started to serve in the cabinet of Mr. Khatami.
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