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Publish Date: 09 December 2006 - 07:25

First Name : Mehdi
Last Name : Araghi
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Martyr Haj Mehdi Araghi was born in 1940 in Pachenar area of Tehran; he stepped to this world in a religious family. After accomplishing his elementary education, he started to work together with his father in the market. Despite of this he continued his education in high school as well, so he was succeeded to study until class 11, but his serious presence in fights prevented him from studying more. He used to take part in religious meetings when he was a teenager and gradually he had become the head of religious youngsters in the Pachenar area. He joint to the Fadayiyan Islam since 1945 and soon he was under the attentions of martyr Navab Safavi as he had may good points in human being, because he had a religious behavior together with honesty, so he became a member of Fadayeeaneh Islam. He stayed in this group till 1952, so he would get present in all the difficult times and the battle fields. During engagement of Ghasr prison he protested against imprisoning Martyr Navab Safavi of course this action was performed together with 53 persons, this person would be counted as one of the directors and in fact was the main shoulder of Martyr Navab Safavi, he participated in the revolutionary execution program of king and his surroundings for escorting the body of Reza Khan but this program was not performed. During courting activities of Zarbin Kasravi and protests in the palace of Ministry of Justice many activities were seen by him, then he was supporting martyr Khalil Tahmasebi in the revolutionary execution that ought to be done to him, and he did not confess in this field so the information was not released for the execution that was to be done. Martyr Araghi was one of the main and effective elements in the group of Fadayeeneh Islam, but after a few years due to some political and executive issues got out from this group of Fadayeeyaneh Islam together with some of his friends such as Seyed Abdol Hossein Vahedi …, but he never abandoned martyr Navabeh Safavi. Since the clergy men practicing religious juries prudence was started in 1962 by leadership of Imam Khomeini, he came to this field and he was a great fighter and eventually he was martyred in this way. His activities in this field were performed for about 17 years, he had an essential role on June 5 1964, he was against the American capitulation and due to protection of Imam Khomeini and supporting him also performing the abovementioned activities was martyred. In fact during these activities Martyr Iraqi was captured together with some other of his friends except martyr Andarzgo and about 6 of them were sentenced to execution. So it can be said that Martyr Amani, martyr Bakharayee, martyr Nik Nezhad, Martyr Harandi, and Mr. Haj Hashem Amani and Martyr Eraghi were condemned to imprisonment for life and three of them were sentenced to imprisoning of 5 to 15 years. Martyr Eraghi accepted many responsibilities for performing some sacrifices and courage in this field and this action caused that many of religious and innocent people to be rescued. Martyr Eraghi was released from prisons in 1976 by the changes of American policies in Iran and the beginning of democracy cheatings and since 1977 started to have some inactions against the regime of king and he tried his best to support Imam Khomeini and his ways. Since Imam Khomeini was under the pressure of global Zionists, so due to the peaceful actions of Saddam Hossein and King he had to immigrate and Imam Khomeini went to Paris and he was serving to Imam Khomeini. Imam Khomeini came back to Iran on February 1 1998, Martyr Eraghi was with Imam and after entrance to Iran, he became the member of disciplinary councils and the sheltering place of Imam Khomeini in Tehran. Later many responsibilities were given to him such as supervision on Ghasr prison, membership in central council of Foundation special for poor people, he was also the head of executive unit of this foundation, he was the member of central council of Islamic republic group. Mehdi Eraghi was martyred together with his child by an anti-revolutionary group.
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