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Publish Date: 02 March 2008 - 07:28
Degree : Educational Psychology
Supervisor : Farnaz Keshavarzi Moghaddam

Insolence has a very important role in life; it is the basis of characteristic and determines behavior and ways of life. One of the unpleasant events is the death of father / mother / both that may possibly influence the insolence of the individual and provide the way for depression.
The present research is aimed at investigating and comparing the relationship of insolence and depression between shahed and non_ shahed students. The methodology of the research is causative _ comparative but since this issue has happened in the past and its consequences have remained till now, it can be looked at as post occurrence kind. The sample of the study is composed of 200 persons (100 shahed and 100 non _ shahed students) whom the researcher has chosen; they were studied by the use of insolence and depression questionnaires. The data collected were analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics and deductive statistics, T _ Test, analytical variance.
The results of the research show that: There was not a meaningful relationship between the insolence and depression of the shahed students; in addition there was not a meaningful difference between the insolence and depression of the shahed and non _ shahed students. Also in analyzing the two _ variable variances it was clarified that there was not a meaningful difference according to kinds and gender as separate factors and in mutual interaction from the point of view of insolence and depression.
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