News ID: 95697
Publish Date: 26 February 2008 - 07:19
Degree : Social sciences
Supervisor : Amir Ali Ahmadi

Te main issue of the present research is to see what the differences are between families in possession of their fathers and those who are bereft of them from the point of view of performing their missions and their duties. The research methodology is statistical and the means of the research are questionnaire and interview. The research community includes the normal families and the shahed families of Kerman from each of which 55 families were chosen as sample at random.
The results of the research showed that:
At the loss of fathers, mothers take the responsibilities of fathers and of course the families of the shahed wives also cooperate. There is relationship between lack of fathers and psychological illnesses. There is relationship between the number of the children and their spiritual and psychological conditions but there is not relationship between age and literacy level of the shahed wives and spiritual and psychological conditions of their children in both groups. There is meaningful relationship between years passed after marriage and spiritual and psychological conditions of the shaed children while it is not the case with the usual families.
Between the spiritual and psychological conditions of the children in both groups and relatives relationships is there no meaningful relationship.
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