News ID: 7802
Publish Date: 10 September 2006 - 05:49
Mohammad Amin Rashtoo’ee
Since human being along with his or her abilities is main factor of revenue; so that this question is extended that: can management methods and the decisions which is managing human being be directed beneficially along with the ends of association and play a main role in revenue.
This research, basically, considers effects of managers’ decisions on revenue of central Martyrs’ foundation staff. Research is a library based one. Statistical community includes all Islamic Republic Martyrs’ foundation staff and 120 out of them were chosen as samples randomly using ranking method. Questionnaire was used to collect information.
Statistical data were analyzed using K2 method. About the predominant managing styles, research result data shows that the most predominant one in central Martyrs’ foundation staff is considered benevolent-authoritative style. Also, research data shows that no reciprocity is prevailing.
In the first, third and sixth stage authoritative style and in second, forth and fifth stage prevailing decision making system is consultative. There is no relation between different decision making styles and staff revenue
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