The book "secret of the burnt plaque" published for the 2nd edition
The book "secret of the burnt plaque" published for the 2nd edition, the following book narrated the shrine defender martyr's biography, Mahdi Tahmasebi. The book was published with the efforts of martyr Kazemi's publication.
Navideshahed - the following book was prepared by the martyr Tahmasebi's hand writtings in 12 chapters.
Martyr Tahmasebi is the narrator of the book, he explained the whole story of his trip to Syria in a notebook.

The book

When Mahdi Tahmasebi martyred in Syria, his friend Ali Ibrahimi started to rewrite and edit the martyr's memories. He tried to write Mahdi Tahmasebi's daily memories and created a long story. The first chapter of the book related to the last hours of martyr's life and at the other 11 chapters we became familiar with the martyr's biography. Martyr Tahmasebi was the football referee and Hafiz of Quran. The shrine defender martyr " Mahdi Tahmasebi" was martyred by the Daesh Terrorist Group in the Halab province in North of Syria.
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