Unpublished Memory from martyr Andarzgou

Navideshahed - it was 1999 that  I helped the people in Chahar mahal  and Bakhtiari province. I prepared food and clothes for them. I usually stayyed there for two or three weeks. It was the martyrdom anniverssary of martyr Andarzgou when i came back from Chahar mahal and Bakhtiari, my grandson had severely fevered and it made us too worried since her fever did not come down.

Unpublished Memory from martyr Andarzgou

As I arrived home, my son and his wife asked me for the reason and how her fever would come down. I was too tired ... I wanted to rest for an hour ... I was too worry for her... I slept sadly ... I dreamed that our phone rang, it was martyr Andarzgou on the phone, he asked me about my sadness which was related to Zainab (my grandson). Prepare some cranberry and brew it for Zainab ... give it her to drink, martyr Andarzgou told me in dream.... as I woke up ... called my son and explained my dream for him ... finally I called my son (mahdi) and told him to prepare cranberry for Zainab ... he made it and we gave it to Zainab ... her fever suddenly came down after an hour.

Narrator: martyr Andarzgou's wife

Source : 1389 – Gholam Ali Rajaei – 2nd volume – dignity of martyrs – celestial moments

Publication : shahed publication

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