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2014/06/17 , 21:16

Ayatollah Khamenei about the book “I’m Alive”  
I read this book with a dual feeling of sorrow and pride and sometimes, I shed tears when reading it...

2014/07/12 , 00:43

Two Palestinian brothers martyred while embracing each other  


Image / Fourth Day of Israeli Aggression on Gaza  
Israeli jets bombed the Gaza Strip for the fourth day today killing 11 Palestinians, taking the death toll to 103, as the Jewish state was targeted for the first time by rocket attacks from Lebanon since the military offensive began.


Ayatollah Khamenei: No country can effort to attack on Iran  
The Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says no country can afford to launch a military attack on Iran.

2014/07/08 , 10:57

Unseen Photos of Martyr Mehdi Khoshsirat  
Navideshahed: Always grieving the loss of his comrades and craving for martyrdom, Martyr Khoshsirat, after years of indefatigable jihad in Iran Iraq War, finally was killed in action on June 27, 1987 in Operation Nasr 4 - Iraqi Mavoot Conquest – and finally became a martyr.

2014/07/07 , 11:55

The Teacher who Went to War with his Students  
Navideshahed: He was one of the first students who studied in the Teachers Training Center and during the golden era of martyrs Rajayee and Bahonar. After completing his education term, he started his job as a teacher.

2014/07/03 , 12:56

Another Page of History Revealing US Conspiracies against the Islamic Iran:  
Who is Martyr Mohammad Nojeh?  
Navideshahed: Having completed many missions before, Martyr Mohammad Nojeh was finally killed in action on August 11, 1979 while fasting and on a mission to help Dr. Chamran in quenching armed separatists.


Martyr Hemmat  
If this Man Stays in Kurdistan, he will Surely be Killed  
Navideshahed: An IRGC commander had come to west of Iran to investigate the situation of the war zone. Most of the war veterans were expressing the name of brother Broojerdi in all the discussions and dialogues. Most of the decisions and words would be ended up with him as well…

2014/07/01 , 08:05

Rainbow Station:  
A Martyr University Student (Mehdi Bagheri), as Rendered by His Wife  
Navideshahed: The final night that he was in our house, he had a strange behavior; I was so worried about this issue. He did not sleep until the morning at that night. He was writing his testament and prayers…


OPCW Sympathizes with Victims of Chemical Attack on Iran  
navideshahed - Director-General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Ahmet Uzumcu on Sunday sympathized with the victims of the chemical attack in Sardasht during the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s.


MP: Foreign Ministry must follow up chemical injured victimsˈ file  
Mahabad, West Azarbaijan, June 28, IRNA – Member of parliament from cities of Piranshahr and Sardasht said that Foreign Ministry should follow up seriously dossier of chemical injured victims in international tribunal and community.


IRGC Commander: Sardasht residents taught lesson of gallantry to everyone  
Mahabad, West Azarbaijan, June 29, IRNA – Commander in chief of Islamic Republic Guard Corps said Saturday that the brave residents of Iranˈs Sardasht border city with their exemplary resistance and challenging attitude taught everyone the lesson of gallantry and resilience.


Dr. Larijani  
7th of Tir (29th June, 1987) is an Evidence of Sardasht  
Navideshahed: on Tuesday morning, Ali Larijani gave a message for the 24th anniversary of Sardasht chemical bombing (29th June, 1987) and the memorial of chemically injured veterans of the city, and said: \"29th June, 1987 is a display of how the brave people of Sardasht were wronged, and an ...


World must work against chemical weapons  
OPCW chief sympathizes with Sardasht victims

2014/06/28 , 22:02

Iranian foundation calls for pursuing CW victims case  
Tehran, June 28, IRNA - Iranˈs Foundation for Preservation of Works and Dissemination of Sacred Defense Values in a statement released on Saturday called for pursuing the case of Iranian victims of Chemical Weapons (CW) by the international community.


S Leader meets families of Haft-e Tir martyrs  
Tehran, June 28, IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei met with the family members of the Haft-e Tir martyrs.
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Analysis and Critics
Another Page of History Revealing US Conspiracies against the Islamic Iran:
Who is Martyr Mohammad Nojeh?

Navideshahed: Having completed many missions before, Martyr Mohammad Nojeh was finally killed in action on August 11, 1979 while fasting and on a ...

Martyr Chamran
Martyr Chamran to Seyed Mojtaba Hashemi:
I will Become a Martyr First

Navideshahed: Dr. Chaman came to our military headquarters in order to visit Mr. Seyed and the group of Islamic Sacrificers on one of the days of ...

The Official in Charge of North Khorasan University Students Basij:
Martyr Chamran Opened a New Way for Scientists by Uniting Islam and Science

Navideshahed: “Martyr Chamran indicated a new way to the scientists by linking science to Islam," Said the official in charge of North Khorasan ...

Hedayatollah Behboodi:
15 Khordad (5 June, 1963) Uprising Was a Milestone in the Islamic Movement of Iranian People

Navideshahed: The Uprising of June 5, 1963 was in fact a milestone in the Islamic movement of Iranian people; that is why it became the beginning of ...

One Woman’s War (Da) released in U.S book market

Navideshahed- The book One Woman's War (Da) was released in the U.S book market by Mazda Publishers. "One Woman’s War (Da)" is many things. Part ...

‘Zionists provoking Armageddon’

Navideshahed- There are basket cases, psychological basket cases, psychopathic maniacs and deranged lunatics. However, when all four come together ...