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World‘s Shias to show largest human assembly in Karbala on Arbaeen 2013

Navideshahed reported by Ahlul Bayt News Agency- An innovative media group has planned to cover fully the Arbaeen 2013 religious festival in virtual networks in an attempt to depict the beauties and attractions of the greatest human gathering.

It is a 17-million people gathering. Only a few days to Arbaeen (the 40th day of Imam Hussein martyrdom), still collects the greatest congregation of Imam’s mourners as the world’s greatest gathering; a gathering much larger in scope, the distance walked, and the population participating than the Hajj pilgrimage itself.
According to estimations by Karbala governor, the number of population traveling the city for pilgrimage is 17 million, showing a 400 percent rise compared to that in 8 years ago. This is almost 4 times greater than the number of Muslims congregating during Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.
But the thing is that, a congregation so large, and a ceremony so great in scope, has found little coverage in web and social networks; even, in some cases, has found disproportionate coverage.
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